Pyramids Spices and Herbs Co. is a leading Egyptian company specialized in producing and exporting herbs, seeds, seasonings and
spices to all over the world, we have been working in this field since 1996.
History Since 1996

More Than 25 Years

of Expertise


Pyramids Spices & Herbs (P.S.H.) company was started in the

field of herbs and Spices export, and we had to distinguish in

order to have the lead in our field, so we took upon us several

elements that must be the focus of our attention:

1st     Highest Quality

2nd   Fast Delivery

3rd   Competitive Prices

We tried and managed to achieve the optimum balance between

these elements, which allowed us to expand in foreign markets to

include America and the European Union countries in addition to

Russia and Latin American countries and gain the trust of customers.

        What makes us different?                                 

  • We are not broker’s or traders but we are producers and exporters.

  • Business partner & Win 2 Win Concept.

  • “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well “


Our Philosophy

In order to fly in the sky of the herbs and spices market, you have to take the plane that is called customer satisfaction, which has two wings, the first wing is the quality and the second wing is the price competitive.

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